White Paper March 2022

Increasing Efficiency with the Venock Device

Advantage for Hospitals and MedTech Device Developers

The Venock device offers benefits for many different stakeholders. In addition to improving patient comfort, the Venock device aids in the general acceptance of large bore transcatheter interventions, which benefits device developers and, of course, hospitals and clinics.

The Venock device allows for more efficient cathlab capacity utilization and higher patient turnover, while drastically reducing cost and recovery time. Cathlabs are determined to find ways to save resources and increase patient turnover in order to make transcatheter procedures more profitable.

Although cathlab resources are limited, it is in the chief interest of global MedTech companies to streamline cathlab procedures in order to increase the number of procedures per day. The Venock vascular closure device is such a device that will drastically reduce patient length of stay and use of resources, while allowing for higher patient turnover, faster mobilization, and earlier discharge.